quarta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2014


"The arrivist is a person who incessantly tries to 'arrive' at the top, outdoing his fellow persons at any cost. This person-type comes close to certain 'overachievers' today. He is unable to love, to give and forgive, to sacrifice, to admit defeat with his head up, to make friends, to be content with his own self. He is impotent to enjoy the value and quality of his life. He is good at smirking rather than smiling in friendship. Impervious and sometimes stiff as his personality is, his motivation to do extra work and to crave for perfection is not motivated by realizing a common good like that of a corporation, a company, a nation, or church. Rather, his impotency to fill the deep gaps in his hollow personality generates the constant urge to do better than, and win over others in public and to fish for social esteem and respect. Marks for excellence acquired in school, business, or elsewhere, cover up the personal dearth which makes him a social loner rather than a friend, sharing and feeling compassion".

Manfred Frings, 'Introduction', in: Max Scheler, Ressentiment, Marquette University Press, 2010, pp. 15-6

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