quinta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2014


"There is no moral gesture so trivial that does not radiate, like the splashing stone, an infinity of ripples - circles soon lost to the naked eye. But if a physicist can pursue the tremor beyond this natural barrier - how much further can God the omniscient pursue the moral repercussion! If no impediments intervene, A's love of B not only awakens B's reciprocal love of A but stirs a natural growth of general, life-warming love in B's responding heart; hence B's love of C and D; and so the flood rolls on within the moral universe, from C and D to E and F ad infinitum. But the same is true of hatred, injustice, unchastity and all kinds of sin. Each one of us has been a partner in an immensity of actions good and bad, things of which he has - and can have - no inkling, but for which he nevertheless stands co-responsible before God".

Max Scheler, On the Eternal in Man, Transaction, 2010, p. 377 [1917]

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